Woman & Problem Gambling

Therapeutic insights into understanding addiction and treatment

Women and Problem GamblingBuy Women Aad Gambling

Liz Karter began to specialise in women and gambling addiction over eight years ago, responding to the need for counselling and therapy specifically to meet the needs of women with gambling addiction.Liz was founder of the first UK Women’s Groups for problem gambling and has established and facilitated these for all the leading UK problem gambling treatment agencies. She now provides low -cost Women’s Groups at Level Ground.

Women with gambling addiction frequently use different forms of gambling to men, seeking different experiences from addictive gambling to men. Extensive experience has also taught Liz that frequently gambling addiction in women is triggered by very sensitive life issues and gambling has offered a sense of escape from anxiety, depression, loneliness and stress.

Level Ground allows time to not only stop addictive gambling, but to work on identifying the difficulties that created the addiction, to make adjustments to life and develop healthier ways of coping with life problems. The aim is not only to stop gambling, but to work on growing a healthier and happier life style where the need to gamble  escape a troubled life will not arise.


Level Ground offers women:


.One to one counselling and therapy 


. Women’s Group Therapy meetings

.Once weekly meetings of one and a half hours.Groups are low-cost at a minimum donation of £7 per meeting.


. Weekend retreats and workshops

Details available on request



 Addiction is much misunderstood and women with gambling addiction even more so .Liz was delighted to be approached by Routledge to write the book “Women and Problem Gambling” to be a voice for the women she has worked with since 2001.

“Women and Problem Gambling” is based on Liz’s research and theories developed throughout her extensive practice. The insights will be of value to anyone wanting to understand or work with problem gambling in women; from a woman with a problem herself, thorough to family, friends and any healthcare professionals or therapists involved in her care and treatment.


Liz Karter has been commissioned by Routledge to write the book “Working with Women’s Groups for Problem Gambling” and is currently engaged in this project.