Level Ground London & Hove

Level Ground provides treatment which enables you to work at your own pace to fit with your lifestyle.   Helping you to  stop the pattern of addiction and to make sense of why gambling became a problem for you. Extensive experience has taught Liz  Karter this make it much more likely that the addiction problem will not arise again in your future.

A relaxed and approachable style of counselling and therapy.

One to One counselling and Therapy

Individual sessions are  55 minutes each. The number of session you might require will depend on your individual situation.

Women’s Groups for Gambling Addiction

Once weekly Women’s Group meetings of  an hour and a half .Women’s Group meetings are low-cost. 

Fees are £7 per week.


As well as face to face counselling and therapy Level Ground also provides therapy via:






All enquiries are welcomed and in confidence

An intial one hour consultation to assess your situation and your needs is charged at £75.

Fees for regular sessions are available on enquiry.


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